The Look By Joi on Fox News Good Day NY

The Look By Joi on Fox News Good Day NY

Elevate your brow game with Rosanna Scotto from Good Day New York as she demonstrates the art of achieving flawless eyebrows in just 60 seconds using The Look By Joi's 60 Second Brow Kit. Witness the magic unfold as Rosanna showcases the simplicity and efficiency of the brow kit on Fox News.

🎥 Watch the Tutorial: Be sure to catch the segment where Rosanna Scotto is guided through using the 60 Second Brow Kit, ensuring fast and easy results that redefine your brow game effortlessly. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more insights from The Look By Joi.

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🌈 How to Use the 60 Second Brow Kit:

  1. Cut The Perfect Brow Stencil in half at the midway point
  2. Place each half of the stencil over your brows
  3. Fill in the brows using the Signature Brow Powder
  4. Remove The Perfect Brow Stencil
  5. Apply the Concealer Stick using the Angled Brush under the brow to highlight the brow bone
  6. Brush through your brows with the Brow Fix Gel to hold hairs in place

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