The Future is Fierce: What's Next for the Ever-Evolving Beauty Landscape?

The Future is Fierce: What's Next for the Ever-Evolving Beauty Landscape?

The beauty industry is a billion-dollar powerhouse. It's one of the few sectors that thrives even during economic downturns, global pandemics, and other challenges. This resilience is a testament to the human desire to look and feel our best.


As a beauty boss with over two decades of experience (that's me, Joi Mebane!), I've witnessed firsthand the industry's incredible adaptability. From my humble beginnings at The Look By Joi to incorporating cutting-edge services like microblading, I've always embraced change.

So, what's on the horizon for the beauty world? Buckle up, because the future is fierce!

Here are some trends I'm keeping an eye on:

  • Hyper-personalization: Technology will play an even bigger role in beauty. Imagine AI-powered consultations that recommend custom skincare routines or augmented reality makeup try-ons.
  • Biotechnology and sustainability: Science is merging with beauty to create innovative products formulated with sustainable ingredients. Think clean beauty with a bio-tech twist!
  • The rise of men's beauty: Gender-fluid beauty continues to explode. We'll see a wider range of products catering specifically to men's needs and preferences.
  • The ongoing wellness connection: Beauty will become even more intertwined with overall well-being. Look for products that promote not just a flawless look, but also inner health and confidence.

The key to thriving in this dynamic industry? Stay passionate and adaptable! Remember your "why" – what ignited your love for beauty in the first place. That passion will fuel your drive to learn new skills and embrace the ever-changing landscape.



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The future of beauty is fierce, but it's also full of incredible opportunities. Let's embrace the change and create a future where everyone feels empowered to express their unique beauty!

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