BROW TIPS 101: 5 Ways to Maintain Fabulous Brows without Spending too Much

  1. Invest in a Brow Razor

Brow razors come in handy when it comes to keeping your brows under control; They’re super easy to use and harmless when used correctly.  You can purchase them at for under $10 or visit The Look by Joi Beauty Bar located in Greenbriar for brow service.

2. Invest in a Pair of Tweezers

Tweezers are a must for getting those unwanted hairs out of your brow area and can be purchased at your local beauty supply store or drugstore for under $10.

3. Brush Those Brows

Having a brow brush is crucial when it comes to preciseness.  Using a brow brush not only adds precision, but it also makes it easier to identify your brow shape.

4. Be Patient

If the size of your brows are a concern, allow them to grow without arching, waxing, or threading for a few weeks.  If you’ve tried to let them grow but nothing has worked, consider a brow consultation with Joi via for more options including microblading.

5. Fill & Conceal

Using makeup on your brow area can create a more enhanced look for your brows if you’re into wearing product on your skin.  Using a good affordable concealer and brow gel or pencil can help achieve a more flawless look.

 For more ways to maintain, enhance, and invest in your brows visit

Blog post by: Jahmeeliah Harker, intern for The Look by Joi

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