Beauty Tip of the Day: How to Properly Apply Your Lipstick

Today's beauty tip is about how to properly apply the perfect lippie.  Applying lipstick can be a little bit of a hassle if these steps are not followed beforehand:

  1. Exfoliate your lips using a toothbrush, Vaseline and warm water.  Apply Vaseline to your lips first, wet your toothbrush in warm water and begin brushing your lips gently to rid of any dead skin. This process helps to improve the appearance of your lips when wearing product.
  2. After exfoliating, apply a little chap stick, lip balm, or Vaseline to moisturize.
  3. Then, apply a somewhat thick layer of lip liner (appropriate to your lipstick color) to your lips; The corners should be shaded with liner going inward then outward.
  4. Finally, apply lipstick to the bare parts of your lips and blot for an even distribution of color.

Photo from: Youtube

Blog post written by: Jahmeeliah Harker; intern for The Look by Joi

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