7 Brow Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid These Mistakes when it Comes to Maintaining Your Brows:
1. Using the wrong color brow pencil or gel
When doing your brows, always make sure the product you use matches your brow color; Discolored brows are NOT in and never were.
2. Putting product on or near your brow area
Rumor has it that when you apply products like moisturizers and lotions to your brows it inhibits growth. Another reason to avoid putting product on your brows is because it makes applying makeup to your brow area more difficult.
3. Shading your brows too dark
Unless you want to look like Madonna in the 80's, stop with the heavy coloring. A natural looking amount of shade is key.
4. Arching/tweezing brows too often
Truthfully, over arching and tweezing your brows can cause them to thin out. Maybe tweeze them every two weeks or so to give them time to grow.
5. Using a magnified mirror
Frick and frack brows are no bueno and that's what you will get if you use a magnified mirror to do your brows. It may be best to use a regular mirror for better judgment and balanced eyebrows.
6. Filling-in unkempt brows
Unkempt brows and makeup just don't blend well together (no pun intended). Make sure your brows are nice and clean (meaning no squiggly hairs that are out of place) so that your makeup looks flawless.
7. Tweezing before a shower
Apparently, taking a shower after tweezing your brows will increase the chances of your hairs to slip out according to lifehack.org; This happens because the hot water loosens up the follicles. The fix to this: Tweezing after a shower.

Blog post written by Jahmeeliah Harker; Intern for The Look by Joi

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