Microblading is the new trend nowadays where tattooed strokes of hairlike follicles are created on the brow area to achieve flawless brows.  

Here are 5 tips about microblading you did or didn't know:

  1. Before going through with a microblading procedure, it is very important that you know your face shape so that you can get the best brow shape to match.  If you do not know your face shape, your brow consultant should be able to help you.
  2. Microblading is a relatively painless procedure due to an aesthetic that the brow technician must use before the procedure.
  3. During the first portion of the healing process, keep your brows dry as the ink is still setting.
  4. Microblading your brows requires commitment if you want to keep them up.  This means you will need to follow up regularly with your brow technician.
  5. Overtime microbladed brows can and will fade; it is not permanent and does require touch ups if you wish to keep them up.

Blog post written by Jahmeeliah Harker; Intern for the Look by Joi

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