Microblading 101














    Microblading is one of the fastest growing & most profitable businesses you can get into right now.  The demand is high and the supply of technicians is low.  If you’re ready for a change and want to seriously increase your income, help people look amazing and do work you are passionate about, then you are in the right place. 

    Whether you want to sharpen your skills as a Microblading artist or are a novice and just getting started, The Look by Joi Seminar will teach you everything you need to know to get started and thrive.

      What Will Be Covered??

    • How to design the perfect brows for each face shape.
    • Microblading methods and techniques.
    • What pigment to use and what brands to consider.
    • Sterilization and Sanitation.
    • Color theory.
    • Hair strokes.
    • Client consultations forms..
    • Release forms and other legal documentation.


    Microblading Demonstration .

    Hands on practice using practice skin .

    Q & A